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Tensioning Base


The perfect accessory to any of our Small Suture Pads, the Tensioning Base acts to hold your pad in place conforming it to a rounded surface to replicate life-like surface tension of an incision. After securing your pad to the base, once cut, the incision will “open up” allowing the student to gain realistic access to the lower muscle and fascia layers for deep suturing. The bottom of the base features a tacky rubber to prevent your Base from sliding across the table mid-suture.

6-Layer Sucuticular Simulated Tissue

SRE0230 - Dark Skin

SRE0230L - Light Skin

The RealSuture 6-Layer Suture Pad is designed to mimic the first 6 layers of the abdominal wall. The layers replicate the Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous, first Fascia layer, Muscle, and second Fascia layer. Each layer is uniquely formulated to replicate its respective real-life tissue layer, making it the most realistic model on the market. The added Dermis Layer in this suture pad makes it especially useful for practicing subcuticular sutures. With multiple reinforcements included in the pad, there will be minimal-to-no tearing upon suturing. TRAINING APPLICATIONS: Suturing with various suture patterns, Ensuring Knot Security, Burying Sutures, Mole Biopsy, Mole Removal, Skin Reconstruction.

Mole Biopsy is only possible with the Light Skin Suture Pad


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