Ingrown Toenail Simulator
SurgiReal's Ingrown Toenail Simulator was created to eliminate the need to use inadequate and unrealistic substitutes for training wedge resection and nail evulsion procedures. Included in this small, but impressive, model is a simulated bone structure designed with internal cavities to perform digital nerve blocks. The nail is “ingrown” on both sides, giving the ability to practice the procedure more than once. This model captures the form and landmarks of a human toe and presents the most comm
Human Vascular Access Sleeve
Train on venipuncture and vascular access skills in life-like scenarios with no harm to participants with the Human Vascular Access Sleeve. Designed to fit most people and manikins, the sleeve is secured by the hook and loop tabs above and below SurgiReal's simulated RealFlow tissue pad. Keeping safety as our top priority, all Vascular Access Sleeves are designed with puncture resistant material to make sure the needle won't make contact with your participant. Training applications include, but
Replacement Skin for SRE0800/L
Replacement Simulated Tissue Pad for the Human Vascular Access Sleeve.
Large Laceration Repair Sleeve
Wearable Suture Practice Sleeve Train laceration repair and suturing on a live participant. Designed to fit most people, large animals, and manikins, the sleeve is secured by the hook and loop tabs above and below SurgiReal's simulated RealLayer tissue pad. Practice superficial suturing, ensuring knot security, and burying sutures in a variety of situations. Keeping safety as our top priority, all Laceration Repair Sleeves are designed with puncture resistant material to make sure the needle won
Repair Sleeve for SRE0850/L
Replacement Simulated Tissue Pad for the Large Laceration Repair Sleeve.
Cricothyrotomy Task Trainer
Learn, improve, and refine Cricothyrotomy skills with SurgiReal’s newest trauma task trainer designed to give you the most realistic experience with the greatest value. Accurate and realistic landmarks allow for students to properly practice and perform cricothyrotomy to prepare for emergency surgical situations. Inside your package is 1 Neck Base, 1 Simulated Skin, 1 Simulated Thyroid Cartilage insert, 3 Simulated Thyrohyoid Membranes, as well as instructions for set-up, maintenance, and use of
Replacement Skin for SRE0720
Replacement parts for the Cricothyrotomy Trainer are the membranes, cartilage, and the skin. From the drop down below, select the replacement item you need for your Cricothyrotomy Task Trainer.
Replacement Membrane for SRE0720
Replacement Neck Base for SRE0720
Replacement Cartilage for SRE0720
Translucent Suture Pad with Incision
RealSuture 1-Layer Suture Pad
RealSuture 3-Layer Suture Pad
RealSuture 5-Layer Suture Pad
Medium RealSuture 3-Layer Suture Pad
Medium RealSuture 5-Layer Suture Pad
Large RealSuture 3-Layer Suture Pad
Large RealSuture 5-Layer Suture Pad
RealFlow Suture Pad
Large RealFlow Suture Pad
Injection Pad
Three Depth Injection Pad
Dermal Lesion Simulated Tissue
I&D Simulated Cyst/Abscess Tissue
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