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Creating realistic and accessible surgical training products to improve the confidence of patients, students, and instructors
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SurgiReal Europe frei.png


SurgiReal Products, Inc. (Loveland, Colorado, USA) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Erler-Zimmer GmbH & Co,KG (Lauf, Germany) for product distribution in Europe starting in Fall 2019.


Erler-Zimmer is a family run business with a history of excellence in providing healthcare training products since 1950. This partnership highlights many of the core values Erler-Zimmer and SurgiReal have in common, including providing easy access to healthcare and veterinary simulation products.


By partnering with Erler-Zimmer, European customers will have quicker and better access to our products which in turn will allow for better training opportunities for students and healthcare professionals. 

SurgiReal Europe frei.png
Erler Zimmer Logo ohne Hintergrund.png

Official European Distributor for SurgiReal Products, Inc.


Learn. Improve. Refine.

SurgiReal's Tensioning Base

and 5-Layer Suture Pad

are the perfect combination to make sure younever stop practicing.


5-Layer RealLayer and Bleeding RealFlow Technology

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